Kena gives birth to little Harry Albert Ree 5.0
on Saturday August 12, 2000 at 09:59am PDT
weighing in at 5lbs 4 ozs (he's a little early but doing fine)

October 05, 2000

What the hell is that ??ONE MORE BOTTLE OF MILK RIGHT HERE! Lil Harry getting his cheek pinch

September 07, 2000
(3.5 weeks & the lil'porker's up to 6lb 14oz)

Official collector birth announcement card

August 22, 2000
(haven't had time to update pix...)

Dezirae & HR5

Dezirae sticking her tongue out Our little helper

Little Harry's 6th Day (AUG18)
(--- HOME AT LAST ---)

Harry V Mug Shot 1 Harry V Mug Shot 2 The HR5

KenaHarry5Dez The Fam at home

Little Harry's 5th Day (AUG17)
(He's suppose to come home Friday AUG18 !!!)

Mommy Feeding Mommy

Daddy Feeding Daddy

Little Harry's 4th Day (AUG16)
(eating, burbing, pooping & doing very well)

SMILE !!! Sleep smiling !

Grandma Barbie feeding Grandma Barbie helping out

Moved to his new enclosed condo New condo, last step b4 leaving

Little Harry's 3rd Day
(Kena gets to go home)

Kena & Dezirae at home in bed Kena makes it home!

Harry5 in ICN Kickin' it

Whole ICN setup Little Harry's Equipement My Office Bench Mess Dad's equipment (Batman style)

Little Dezirae & Harry5 in ICN Sis & Bro

Little Harry's 2nd Day

Kena & Dezirae on the hospital bed Kena & sis

Close up of Harry5 Little Harry Baby Kena Little Kena (Coincidence ???)

Harry5 Doing Just Fine

Harry5s monitor in ICN All Wired up!

Little Harry's 1st Day

Kena In Labor Kena In Labor

Kena Pushing Kena Doing Situps

Kena With HR5 Kena & little Harry

Harry5 With Hat Hello World

Harry4 & Raymond with Cigars Dad & Bro having cigars

Raymond Cowboy with Cigar Raymond's a proud cowbro!

Harry5 Announcement