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To use my skills to accomplish tasks, achieve goals and excel in my professional & personal growth.

B.S. in Physics, Minor in Computer Science at C.S.U. Sacramento
Graduated June 1985

The Road Ahead

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January 2001 to PRESENT
Title: Network Engineer

Install, configure and maintain Red Hat Linux servers for these midsize companies. They use the Linux to share high-speed internet access, files & printers, as well as remote VPN & dialin network access, backing up their data, email server, web server, SQL applications, etc. Implemented a firewall on the Linux server to isolate the office PCs from the internet. Install and maintain two different phone systems. Implement wireless access with encryption (WEP). Maintain about 80 Windows PCs & Macs, printers, plotters & other peripherals between these companies.


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May 2002 to PRESENT
Title: Windows Applications Developer

Ported old 16-bit Delphi 1 / Windows 3.1 NexLink application to the current 32-bit Delphi 6 . This application communicates with the NexGen meter, I had previously done programming for, via a serial link. A lot has changed from the 1994 Delphi 1 compiler to Delphi 6 including string handling, 32bit data alignment, big endian/little endian byte swapping routings, redefining 16bit forms & components, etc.


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December 1997 to April 2002
Title: Software Engineer

Develop gaming applications for a POS lottery terminals & kiosks. These terminals are Motorola 68030 based machines utilizing the MTOS real-time, multitasking operating system. The application tasks are written in 'C'. Coding all aspects of the terminals including user interface, playslip reading/decoding, communications with the lottery host machines, barcodes, ticket printing, security issues, etc. AWI's installation base includes many states & several countries around the world.


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October 1996 to January 1999
Title: Software Engineer

Develop measurement acquisition, logging, tracking and reporting applications for an industrial grade, Coriolis force mass flow meter. The meter can be used to measure flow, density, %concentration of a material, etc. in many industries from oil drilling to candy manufacturing. The system is Motorola 68332-based running a UNIX-like real-time operating system, coupled with a Digital Signal Processor which collects data from the sensors on the flow meter's transducer. The application allows measurements to be configured in many units, including a user-defined unit, and has a text dictionary which allows for a multilingual user interface. The software also controls external valves and alarms as well as supports several industry standard protocols such as HART, Modbus and 4-20mA RS485 monitoring. Development is done using 'C' under Microsoft's Visual C++ IDE.

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June 1995 to October 1996
September 1992 to October 1993
Title: Software Engineer

Develop gaming applications for a dialup POS terminal. The whole system consists of loosely coupled hosts (DEC & Tandem) supporting a WAN of POS lottery terminals. The POS terminal is a Motorola 68331 based machine utilizing a real-time, multitasking operating system. The application tasks are written in 'C', use interprocess communication to move message between each other and interface with many peripherals including bar-code reader, modem & a DES encryption device. Also administered source code configuration management and controlled software releases.

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October 1993 to June 1995
Title: Programmer Analyst

Significantly enhanced a DOS-based POS system to run on OS/2 and meet the needs of the 100 store chain. Work on exchanging data, via modem, with the home office's AS/400 and TRW & Equifax credit bureaus. Software collects customer data, retrieves a credit bureau, analyses credit bureau data and assigns the appropriate credit limit and financing. Code is written in 'C' using C-Tree file management, D-Tree keyboard/screen management and R-Tree report toolkits. Each store has OS/2 PCs on an ethernet network

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July 1988 to September 1992
Title: Senior Programmer Analyst

Upgraded ambulance accounting software for a large client base. Specific duties include creating and implementing electronic claims submission packages and file transfer modules to share data between a clients' dispatch and billing systems. Monitor programmers custom software projects and ensure effective communication of system upgrades between customer service support, software development team and hardware maintenance problem changes. Presented demos and supported all hardware installations. Systems include NCR 33xx, AT&T 3B2, 6386 & StarServers and MIPS platforms all running UNIX.

Received 1989 Employee of Year award.


July 1986 to July 1988
Title: Programmer Analyst

Responsible for analyzing, designing, coding, testing, and documenting custom software for a variety of business systems. Included daily nationwide customer support of system errors, customer training, and maintaining system updates with on-site or telecom based support. Also installed, maintained and repaired client's computer hardware. Systems included MAI/Basic-4 running MAI/OS, Compaq and other IBM compatible hardware running DOS, and Xenix.

November 1985 to July 1986
Title: Programmer Analyst

Automated distributor operations by developing & implementing a custom accounting package written in dBase III/Clipper on an IBM AT. Currently being utilized at several different sites.

Microsoft Visual C++, GNU C/C++, Watcom C, Borland C, Microsoft C, MicroTech Research C, CTree, DTree, Rtree, HTML, Java
Linux, UNIX, Xenix, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows95/98/Me, OS/2 Warp, DOS
Assembly for Motorola 68030, 68331 & 6809, Intel 8086, Zilog Z80, makefiles
dBase III Plus, Clipper, Informix SQL, Uniplex
TCP/IP, NFS, PCTCP, AT&T Access Plus
Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, AutoCAD, MathCAD, etc.
DES encryption, Asynchronous HDLC (LAPB) protocol, Modbus protocol, HART protocol, 4-20mA and quadrature data representation
VNC, pcANYWHERE, Poly/PM, ProComm Plus scripts, MLINK scripts, Blast scripts, LapLink, Co/Session, SXL, etc.