Our Family's 1999 Pictures (Jan->June)

Bill -n- Harry's (but mostly Bill) Tesla Coil Project

Tesla Coil (990601) The Coil (11JUN99)

Tesla Coil First Light (990611) First Light 22" streamers but blowin' the big cap (11JUN99)

Rebuilt the cap
tuned coil &
Goodbye Kitty
Tesla Coil Goodbye Kitty 1 (990617) Tesla Coil Goodbye Kitty 2 (990617) Tesla Coil Goodbye Kitty 3 (990617)

Holy Crap! - short hair for the 1st time since 4th grade

Harrys Haircut Before Front (990607) Before Harrys Haircut Before Back (990607)

Harrys Haircut After Front (990607) After! Harrys Haircut After Back (990607)

Tidbit & Anakin Skywalker (990607) Tidbit (07JUN99)

Code Shack with New Windows (990607) My Office 2B Gets Windows (07JUN99) Code Shack & Bill & Gina (990606) Contractors Bill-n-Gina

Dez Bathing Beauty (990525) The Bathing Beauty (25MAY99)

Matthew Turns 5.0

MatthewsBDay-BlowingTheCandles (990523) Make A Wish (23MAY99)

MatthewsBDay-TrainCake (990523) Spectacular Train Cake (23MAY99) MatthewsBDay-TrainCakeDez (990523)

MatthewsBDay-Kids (990523)

MatthewsBDay-AndrewBradonDezJump (990523) Andrew Brandon Dez (23MAY99)

Speedball Back To The 80's Party

BoyGeorge-RobertSmith (990515) BoyGeorge-Robert Smith (15MAY99) Adam Ant (990515) Adam Ant

WeirdAl (990515) WeirdAl(15MAY99) Devo, Robert Smith, Peg & Al Bundy (990515) Devo,Robert, Peg-n-Al

Devo, John, Brad & Spicoli (990515) Devo, John, Brad & Spicoli (15MAY99)

80sParty-MurphyOffTheWall (990515) Murphy da Human Fly

Beastie Boys (990515) Beastie Boys Risky Business (990515) Risky Business (15MAY99)

80sParty-UVHCrew (990515) UVH Crew (15MAY99) 80sParty-NadaPam (990515) Nada -n- Pam

Dad -n- Dez (990427) Harry -n- Dez (27APR99)

Raymonds New Room (990420) Raymond's New Room (20APR99)

Crap at the new house (990420) Setting outside decor (20APR99)

Dez Gymnastics Hanging (990412) Gymnastics Class Dez Gymnastics Balance Beam (990412)

Dez Asleep In A Container (990408) Dez In A Box (08APR99 )

Dezirae, Daniel & Andrew On The Hunt For Eggs (990404) On The Hunt For Eggs (04APR99) Dezirae-Basket

New House-Frontview (990403) New House !!! (03APR99) New House-Garageview (990403)

Markie,Dez,Kena&Raymond Egg Hunt (990403) Easter Egg Hunt!!! (03APR99)

Dez,Markie,Kylie&Helen Egg Hunt (990403) Dez, Markie, Kylie & Helen Dez Two Fisted Egg Hunter (990403)

Dezirae Coloring Eggs (990402) Coloring Eggs (02APR99)

Travis,Daniel&Raymond SnowboardPose (990327) Travis, Daniel & Raymond Squaw (27MAR99) Travis Snowboarding (990327)

Snooties Ear Grab (990315) Snootie LookOut! (990315)

Daniel,Andrew,Dezirae&Raym JumpTent (990306) Jump Tent (990306) Mathew & Kidz Jump Tent (990306)

Jimi & his Harley (990228) Jimi & his Harley (28FEB99)

Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco

Chinese NY Parade SF (990227) Chinese New Years Parade in SanFran (27FEB99)

Year Of The Rabbit (990227) Year Of The Rabbit (27FEB99)

Jimi & Dez Chinese NY SF (990227) Jimi & Dez (27FEB99)

Trip to Washington

Raymond's Space Needle Hat (990213) Raymond Balances the Space Needle (13FEB99)

Underground Seattle Hotel Lobby (990212) Hotel Lobby-Underground Seattle (12FEB99)

Harry3, Laura & Fam @dinner (990212) Home Cooked Meal!! (12FEB99)

Dez UpsideDown View (990207) Getting a Different Perspective (07FEB99)

Dez In Puddle (990131) Dez Testing her Boots (31JAN99)

Hec Raym & Daniel (990130) Hector, Raymond & Daniel 4 Cal (30JAN99)

Jimi, Harry, Raym & Hector @Squaw (990125) Jimi,Harry,Raym & Hector @Squaw (25JAN99)

Jimi & Harry @Squaw (990125) Jimi & Harry Raym & Hec @Squaw (990125) Raymond & Hector

Raym & Hec Poised (990125) Poised 2 take on Gravity (25JAN99)

Kena & Rose in Jenner (990123) Kena & Rose in Jenner (23JAN99)

Leina & Rose in Jenner (990123) Leina & Rose (23JAN99)

Dez the Puzzle Queen (990117) The Puzzle Queen (17JAN99)

Dez in Backyard (990116) Children of the Corn (16JAN99)

Katie Birthday Cake (990116) Neighbor Katie's ONE! (16JAN99)

Katie & Dez @Party (990116) Katie & Dezirae gossiping (16JAN99)

Dez da Princess (990114) FAB-U-LOUS (14JAN99)

Dez-n-Dad Chowin Breakfast (990102) McDonalds 4 Breakfast (02JAN99)