Our Family's 1999 Pictures (July-Dec)

Sharon, Dezirae, Barbie & Cathy (19991225) The Spokes Models (25DEC1999) ChristmasAtMoms (19991225) Christmas At Moms (25DEC1999)

A Photo Op (19991224) Quik Pik (24DEC1999) Dezirae Among Presents (19991224) Buried

Cathy Rose Kristy & Pam (19991224) Cathy,Rose,Kristy & Pam Brittany & Pam Xmas Eve (19991224) Brittany & Pam strike a pose

Dez In the Xmas Window (19991221) Geared up for Holidays (21DEC1999)

Kena & Dez blowing out Birthday Candles (19991212) Kena's Birthday (12DEC1999)

Dez in the Mushroom Field (19991208) Lil' Miss Muffet (08DEC1999)

Snooty & Willie (19991223) Kitty Kondos

Snooty behind the Cat Tree (19991202) Snooty in Action (02DEC1999) Snooty on the Run (19991206) Snooty with her favourite Toy (19991206)

RaymFootballAwards (19991117) Football Awards (17NOV1999)

Deziraes Turkey (991120) Dezirae's Turkey (20NOV1999)

Raymond Football Pose (990915) Official Football Card (15SEP1999)

Dezirae & Raymond Pose (991104) Studio Pictures (04NOV1999) Dezirae Reindeer Pose (991104) Family Pose (991104)

RedRaccoon (19991024) 'Vivian' the Raccoon (uses lots of henna)

RaymBeforeDance (19991023) Going Dancin' (23OCT1999)

School Lane Halloween Party

Ronald(Harry) & Austin(Bill) (991030) Harry & Bill (30OCT1999) Harry as Ronald McDonald (991030)

Rebeca,Laurie,Jimmy&Janet (991030) Rebeca,Laurie,Jimmy&Janet (30OCT1999)

DJs Daniel,KC,Hector,Robbie&Raym (991030) DJs spinnin' (30OCT1999)

Gina Witch (991030) Gina (Witch hat blends) (30OCT1999)

Pam Kitty (991030) Pam (30OCT1999)

HalloweenTomRebeca (991030) Tom & Rebeca (30OCT1999)

CostumeGroup (991030) The Fuller Fam (30OCT1999)

HalloweenDezKids (19991030) Matthew,Andrew,Brandon&Dezirae

HalloweenDezKena (19991030) Dezirae & Kena

Dezirae's Birthday Party

DezPartyOpeningPresents (19991023) Opening Presents KatieInPlayHouse (19991023) Katie (23OCT1999)

Raym, Dez JumpTent (991023) Jump Tent (23SEP1999) Teenagers JumpTent (991023) with Teenagers Teenagers Downing Jumptent (991023)

Las Lomas JV (991022) Las Lomas Homecoming JV (22SEP1999) Las Lomas Homecoming Sophamore Float (991022) Sophamore Float

JayJay (991021) Jay Jay in autumn

Raymond Working On Biology (991011) Raymond & Homework (11OCT1999)

Mudding The Shack (991007) Mudding The Shack (10OCT1999)

Dez In Front of PreSchool (991006) 1st Day of Pre School (06OCT1999) DezPreSchoolPainting (991004)

Dez in Pumpkin Patch (991003) Pickin A Pumpkin (03OCT1999)

Trippin' Around Manhattan ....

AWI Office John Gaffey (990928) John Gaffey in front of AWI (28SEP1999)

Time Square (990925) Time Square (25SEP1999)

6th Ave Flea Market (990925) 6th Ave Flea Market

NYC Old Jaguar (990925) Yeah Baby!

NYC Charger Front (990925) New Charger !!! NYC Charger Side (990925) NYC Charger Back (990925)

NYC Gothic Cathedral (990925) Gothie

NYC Central Park Carriage (990925) Central Park NYC Central Park View (990925)

Rose's 60th / 60's Surprise Birthday Party

19990919RoseDezInPlayHouse (990918) In Da PlayHouse (18SEP1999) RoseBDayShaeLeland (990918) Shae & Leland RoseBDayLeinaEddie (990918) Leina & Eddie

Huey Newton (990918) Black Panther Leader Archie & Huey (990918) Archie & Huey

Austin Powers BBQn (990918) Austin Powers BBQin Raymond, Daniel & Robbie (990918) Hippies Rebel Rousers

Raym Football Game (990917) Raymonds Football Game (17SEP1999)

Raymond 1st Day as a Sophamore (990830) Raymond's 1st Day as a Sophomore (30AUG1999)

Raymond Football Practice (990828) Raymond's Football Practice (28AUG1999)

Raccoons (990828) Raccoons at the new house

Kena, Rebeca, Laurie & Pam at Agave (990819) Rebeca,Laurie,Pam & Kena at Agave (19AUG1999)

Ghi's Birthday Party

Ghi Blowing out Candles (990807) Ghi Blowing out the Candles (07AUG1999) Dezirae with Ballons (990807) Ghi's Ballons Laurie & Dean (990807) Laurie & Dean

Georgeanne In Flower Box (990807) Georgeanne In the Flower Box (07AUG1999) Harry And Big Beetle (990802) NUCLEAR BEETLE !!! (02AUG1999)

HDMickeyMouseEars (25JUL1999)

GaggleOfCats Gaggle Of Cats (24JUL1999)

Theme Parkin' in Beautiful Southern California

Monday 07/19/1999


Disneyland's Tomorrowland Tomorrowland

Disneyland's TomorrowlandRocket

Dezirae looking at PaddleBoat Adventureland

Disneyland MerryGoRound

HKRDDisneySleepingBeautyCastle Kodak Moment

Tuesday 07/20/1999

Griffith Park
Universal Studios

RDFightingInBackOfCar Fighting in the back of the car

KRDGriffithHollywoodSign Hollyweird


KenaGriffithLA Relatively clear view of LA

UniversalPez Window of Pez !!

HarryBeatlejuiceUniversal Old Friend from High School

UniversalBacklot Universal's Backlot

Universal Studio Tram (990720) Taking the Backlot Tour

Raym & Kena on Jurassic Park Ride @Universal (990720) Jurassic Park Ride

Wednesday 07/21/1999

Newport Beach
Beverly Hills

HKRDNewportBeachBluff Newport Beach Bluff


Thursday 07/22/1999

NBC Studio Tour
La Brea Tar Pits
Santa Monica Pier

HKRDSantaMonicaPierPose Santa Monica Pier

KDSantaMonicaPierFerrisWheel Up on the Ferris Wheel




Friday 07/23/1999

Knott's Berry Farm

DezKnottsHorseRide DezKnottsHorseRide (23JUL1999)

Harry & Raymond on GhostRider Coaster @Knotts (990723) THE BEST Wooden Roller Coaster EVER

SharonCathyHarryCuznTommy Over @Cuzn Tommy's in Orange

CodeShackWithSiding 990717 CodeShackWithSiding (17JUL1999)