Its Burning Man 1999

Harry & Pacman in the light (19990829) Harry's Neonwire Pacman (29AUG1999) Pacman lit up (19990829) (it has chomping motion)

The Open Road To BM99 (19990902) The Open Road

Our Humble Camp

The Boys Arrive In RV (19990903) We Arrive RV CampSite (19990902) 34'RV 3A/Cs, microwave, shower, DSS, etc. God Bless America

Geodesic Dome #1 (19990902) Building the Billminster Fuller Dome (02SEP1999) Geodesic Dome #2 (19990902) Dome with Paracute (19990902)

Mark And Pat Kickin It (19990902) Mark & Pat

Tesla Coil-What The Is It (19990902) Tesla Coil... What The Hell Is That? (02SEP1999)

Stuff In The Playa (Black Rock Desert)

A Bucket Comes In Handy (19990902) Wish I Had A Bucket

Desert Phreaks (19990902) Desert Phreaks

Seeman Arena (19990902) Seemans Area

RailRoad Tracks (19990902) Alternative Bathroom Area

Wing Pulling Bike (19990902) Bike Thing pulled by a Wing (02SEP1999) Wing Pulled Bike (19990902)

GirlAndHerRedBed (19990902) Red Bed Girl

GFN (19990902) GFN

BigWheelBattleArena (19990902) Big Wheel Battle Arena

HarryOnHisBike (19990902) Harry On His Bike

MetalStatueGuy (19990902) Metal Statue Guy

HammockFarm (19990902) Hammock Farm

DickAndHisUtilityBelt (19990902) Dick And His Utility Belt

TheManDaytime (19900902) The Man (19990903) The Man

TheManAtNight (19990902) The Man In Neon (19990902)

Black Rock Airport (19990903) Gotta Airport This Year (03SEP1999)

Two Story Bike (19990903) Double Deckers

Bike-Go-Round (19990903) Bicycle-Go-Round

Alien made outta 45s vinyl (19990903) Big Man made outta 45s & other vinyl

Barbie Montouge (19990903) Barbie Cluster F*ck

Desert Sprouts A Head (19990903) Big Face Thing (19990903) Uhhhh, Its Big!

Big Ol Flowers (19990903) Pretty Flowers BillAtTheFlowers (19990903)

Bug Guys (19990903) Bug Guys!!

Girl On Bike (19990903) Colourful

Grandfather Clock (19990903) Timeout For Fun

Maze (19990903) Cool Maze with Lights & Fog Machine

Pirates On Their Ship (19990903) Pirates On The Playa PirateMobile (19990903)

Red People (19990903) Better Red Than Dead

Satyr Bird (19990903) Satyr Bird

Silver Guy On Stilts (19990903) Silver Guy

Towers Of Isis (19990903) Towers Of Isis (oh yeah, it burned)

Water Guy (19990903) Guy in Scuba Gear in Water in the Desert ? WaterboyAndGFN (19990903) With Gratuitous Frontal Nudity

VW thing On Station Wagon (19990903) CarZilla

Zebra Volvo with an Ant on Top (19990904) The Dreaded Volvo Bug

Zombie WannaBe (19990903) Dreadlock Zombie

Nebulus Entity (19990903) Nebulus Entity

Harry Working On Pacman (19990903) Harry Working On Pacman

Bill Working On The Coil (19990903) Bill Working On The Coil

Mark Coppin A Virtual Feel (19990903) She's Easy

Marks Dream Car (19990903) Marks Dream Car

DickBigRockingChair (19990903) Big Rocking Chair

Harry Working On Something (19990904)

OurCoilOnPlayaDaytime (19990903) Our Coil

RedFlags (19990903) Its Art

TwoManaquinsFlip (19990903) More Art

SubSurfacingInTheDesert (19990903) Sub Surfacing

ButterflyMonsterMobile (19990903) Butterfly Monster Mobile

NebulusEntityPointArenaLighthouse (19990903) Nebulus Entity & Point Arena Lighthouse

TicTokTownBurning3 (19990903) Tic Tok Town Burning

BreakfastWithMark (19990904) Breakfast With Mark

Billy's Got Fireworks (19990904) Billy Whips Out His Fireworks!

Atari Camp (19990904) Atari Camp (04SEP1999)

Dr Megavolt & Coil (19990903) Dr Megavolt Austin Richards Tesla Coil (19990904) Our Coil Competition (04SEP1999)

Dali-esc Clock Tree (19990904) Dali Clock Tree Frame With Dali Ingredients (19990904) 3D Dali Picture

Driving Pyramid (19990904) Mobile Pyramid Scheme

Green Girl (19990904) Greener than Green

Horse Bike (19990904) Horse Bike

Old People (19990904) Party Ex-Hippies

Painted On Swim Suit (19990904) That Outfit Is Sprayed On

Tombstone Row (19990904) Tombstone Row

MrLucky (19990904) Mr Lucky Priming the Big Rave Stage

Mad Max Mobile (19990904) Mad Max Mobile

Terrordome 1 (19990904) Terrordome-Nerf Bat Bungee Battles Terrordome 2 (19990904)

TheManInFlux (19990904)

DrMegaVoltCoil1 (19990904) Dr MegaVolt's Coil

UFOCartAtNight (19990904) UFO

ManBurningWithFlameThrower1 (19990904) Man Burning With Flame Thrower ManBurningWithFlameThrower3 (19990904) ManBurningWithFlameThrower6 (19990904)

ManBurningGoingOff3 (19990904) ManBurningGoingOff2 (19990904)

BurningManFalling (19990904) Burning Man Falling

BaseOfTheManBurning (19990904) Base Of The Man Burning

WizardAroundTheBurn (19990904) Wizard Around The Burn

DancingAroundTheMan (19990904) Dancing Around The Man

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