Our Family's 1998 Pictures

I Would Like To Officially Acknowledge John Gaffey for Loaning Me His Digital Camera, Which has Made These Current Pictures Available To You, The Public

Dez in Tiera (981225) Princess (25DEC98)

Kena & Dez Presents (981224) Presents!! (24DEC98)

Barb, Shae & Leland (981224) Barbara, Sharon's Head & Leland (24DEC98)

Eddie (981224) Eddie loves the Camera (24DEC98)

Leina & Rose (981224) Leina & Rose (24DEC98)

Dez,Cathy,Shae & Barb (981224) The Ree Dynasty (24DEC98)

Cathy & Dez Coloring (981224) Coloring with Aunt Cathy (24DEC98)

Fritos Lamp (981222) Fritos practicing for New Years (22DEC98)

Dez & Raym (981216) Dezirae & Raymond (16DEC98)

Family Pose (981216) The Family (16DEC98)

Dez Raym in SantaHats (981212) Dez & Raym in Santa Hats (12DEC98)

Dez Raym in SantaHats (981212)

Flowers For AuntFaye (981215) Flowers For Aunt Faye (15DEC98)

DezLeavesBoyzPlaying (981217) Street Action (17DEC98)

Dez Loungin (981217) Got The Life (17DEC98)

Raym, Dan & Hec (981215) Somewhere in Suburbia (15DEC98)

Ree Family Pose (981215) The Family (15DEC98)

Striking Willie Pose (981214) Strike a Pose there's nothing to it (14DEC98)

The Fam (981213) Pose (13DEC98)

Three Amigos (981212) Three Amigos (12DEC98)

Dezirae & Rose Pose (981101) Rose -n- Dezirae (01NOV98)


KenaSkunk & DezDorothy (981031) Skunk-n-Dorothy (31OCT98)

Scary Spice (981031) HellaScary Spice (31OCT98)

ZootSuit & Dorothy (981031) Raym ZootSuit (980926) Raym ZootSuitRiot (26SEP98)

Brittany-n-Bill (981031) Brittany & Bill (31OCT98)

Dez Dorothy (980921) Dezirae as Dorothy (21SEP98)

Raym & Spagetti-O's (980915) Raym Fuelin' Up for Football (15SEP98)

Andrew & Dez (980915) Andrew & Dezirae (15SEP98)

Stubbie (980914) Stubbie (14SEP98)

Dez & Socks (980914) High Speed Chase (14SEP98)

Two Skunks (SEP98) Backyard Visitors (01SEP98)

Raym & Dez RopePull (AUG98) Raymond & Dezirae Tug-O-War (31AUG98)

Raymond, Daniel & Hector 1st Day of High School (AUG98) Hector, Daniel & Raymond 1st Day of High School (31AUG98)

Raymond w/Sprained Ankle (AUG98) Covert shot of Raymond after spraining ankle if football (25AUG98)

Camping at Samual P Taylor Campground

Kena,Dez,Raym,Rose@CampSamTaylor (AUG98) Kena,Dezirae,Raymond & Rose (19AUG98)

Harry,Dez,Kena&Rose On McClair Path (AUG98) Harry,Dezirae,Kena & Rose (20AUG98)

KenaDezRaymMcClairBeach (AUG98) Kena,Dezirae,Raym on McClair Beach (20AUG98)

Lacey After Bath (AUG98) Lacey In Swaddling Clothes (10AUG98)

Dez w/Laser on Cheezit (AUG98) Cheezit Chasing the Laser (09AUG98)

Markie Brian & Dezirae (AUG98) Markie, Brian & Dezirae Beating the Heat (02AUG98)

MariNEWorld !

Ghi -n- Kena (AUG98) Ghi & Kena Welcoming Committee (01AUG98)

Dez Ballon Ride3 (AUG98) Dezirae on the Ballon Ride (01AUG98)

Dez Ballon Ride4 (AUG98)

Harry & Robert on VooDoo ride1(AUG98) Harry & Robert on VooDoo Ride (01AUG98)

Harry & Robert on VooDoo ride2(AUG98)

Dezirae, Houston & Farm Animal (AUG98) Dezirae, Houston & a goat

Aunt Shae & Dez (JULY98) Auntie Shae & Dezirae (25JUL98)

Dez Backyard Pose (JULY98) Dezirae in Grandma's Backyard (25JUL98)

Dezirae & Auntie Faye (JULY98) Auntie Faye & Dezirae (25JUL98)

Dezirae Smelling Flowers (JULY98) Dezirae Smelling Flowers (22JUL98)

Raym, Dez, Shae & Grandma (JULY98) Raymond, Dezirae, Sharon & Grandma Barbie (17JUL98)

Sharon, Dad & Prizm! (JULY98) Sharon & Dad Spokes-Modeling her new Prizm

Dezirae -n- Greandpa (JULY98) Dezirae and Grandpa @Shae's Place (17JUL98)

Dezirae & Grandma (JULY98) Dezirae & Grandma (12JUL98)

Dezirae & Grandma (JULY98)

Raym, Hector & Daniel Luai (JULY98)Raym, Hector & Daniel before 8th Grade Luai Party (01JUN98)

Ski Sugarbowl (FEB98) Murphy,Jason,???,Steve,Harry & Jimi @SugarBowl packed in RV (28FEB98)


Dez & Kena On Plane To Vegas (FEB98) Dezirae 1st Plane Ride (12FEB98)

Raymond On Plane To Vegas Raymond-Old Pro On Planes (12FEB98)

Pos On Strip Overpass (FEB98) Rose,Kena,Dezirae & Raymond Between MGM & NYNY In Vegas (12FEB98)

Dezirae On Grass On Strip (FEB98) VEGA$ (13FEB98)