Dezirae's Birthday Partee 1997
Matthew Smasking the Pinata (NOV97) Matthew Smashing a Pinata (NOV97)

Dezirae Having Presents Opened (NOV97) Watching Present Opening (NOV97)

Dezirae's Birthday Cake (NOV97) Dezirae's Cake (NOV97)

Halloween 1997
Raymond -n- Daniel Mad Scientists (OCT97) Mad Scientists (OCT97)

Raymond -n- Dezirae Pose (OCT97)

Dezirae the Princess (OCT97) and the Princess disguise (OCT97)

Dezirae & Raymond Poser (OCT97) Dezirae -n- Raymond (OCT97)

Summer 1997
The Fam & convertable in the Hollywood Hills (JUL97) Sportin' the convertable in the Hollywood Hills (JUL97)

Dezirae -n- Kena @Universal (JUL97)Dezirae and Kena @Universal Studios (JUL97)

Jurassic Park Universal Studios (JUL97)Running from the rapters (JUL97)

Dezirae on carousel in Tilden Park(JUL97)Dezirae on a circa 1910 carousel in Tilden Park, Berkeley (JUL97)

Raymond's Senior Purple TKD Test (JUN97)Raymond breaking a board during his senior purple TaeKwonDo Test (JUN97)
Raymond's Senior Purple TKD Test (JUN97)

Dezirae -n- Raym on the dock (JUN97)Dezirae -n- Raym on the dock in Monterey (JUN97)

Dezirae -n- Raym Walking the beach (JUN97) Walking the beach in Monterey (JUN97)

The Carosel in Monterey (JUN97) A Carousel in Monterey (JUN97)

Raymond with his Viper (JUN97)Raymond with his Viper (JUN97)

Life at Home
Dezirae Hanging Out MAY97Sitting, reflecting on the day (MAY97)

Dezirae w/Fruity Pebbles APR97A good part of every morning (APR97)

Dezirae Vampire APR97Dezirae showing off her Fangs!! (APR97)

Dezirae eating beans MAR97Beans, Beans the musical fruit .... (MAR97)

Dez smilin mischievously MAR97 Dezirae -n- Willie lookin out window MAR97 Dez peeking onto desk MAR97
Lookin for trouble (MAR97)

 Ree Family Photos 1996