Dez Stoked On Presents Dez in snowman PJs

1996(Sorry, not too many good PixOfXmas)

Raymond @Raiders GameRaider Rule!!(NOV96)

Halloween 1996

Getting Vitamin A & those beta-carodines (Oct96)
Dezirae discovers: if you plug your ear and hold your breathe hard, your hair will stand on end! (OCT96)
Checking the outside temperature & relative humidity (SEP96)
Dezirae sayz: Cat Food is a good, cheap source of nutrients (SEP96)

Our nocturnal neighbors, who know how to use a catdoor (SEP96)

Easter 1996 - somewhere in Marin County

Raymond and Dezirae hangin'

Lil' Dezirae feigning cuteness

Lil' Dezirae feigning cuteness

I only have eye ... for you ... (Jan96)

Daniel, Raymond & Hector after a very successful cake eating contest! (Dec95)

Raymond performing at the Berkeley US TaeKwonDo meet (Apr96)