Latest Family Photos

Maker Faire 2009

Harry & Nicholas w/SharkCar!

Extensive Lego City

Mom's Day at the A's Game

Fun with Apple's Photobooth

Strangely darling pix from the Chuck E Cheese booth

Harry & Murph on the slopes

20090124-OliviaScoutDeziraeHarry5GuineaPigs OliviaScoutDeziraeHarry5GuineaPigs (20090124)

20090124-DeziraeChandlerMocha2 DeziraeChandlerMocha2 (20090124)

20090124-CubScoutsPinewoodDerby-Harry5ScoutsChoiceAward2 Harry5 get Scouts Choice Award (20090124)

20090102-SharonsHouse-Harry3Harry4Harry5 Harry3 Harry4 Harry5 (20090102)

20090102-SharonsHouse-DeziraeHarry3Harry5 Dezirae Harry3 Harry5 (20090102)