2004 Family Photos

Sharon Dressed As Madonna (20041231) Sharon at 80s NYE Party

20041220-Harry5DeziraePoseInFrontOfChristmasTree Harry & Dezirae (20DEC2004)

20041225-ChristmasBarbaraOpeningPresents Barbara Opening Presents

20041220-Harry5PreSchoolParty Harry's PreSchool Party (20DEC2004)

20041222-DeziraeGhiMouseDaisyMitchLucy2 20041222-Dezirae,Ghilaine,Mouse,Daisy,Mitch&Lucy

20041217-SibeliusParty-HarryKena Harry & Kena at Sibelius Party (17DEC2004)

Georgeanne, Bacci -n- Chachi ChillinGeorgeanne, Bacci -n- Chachi Chillin (03DEC2004)

Sharon -n- Bill Get Hitched!!!

Mr & Mrs Fuller20041002-SharonBillWedding-Bill Sharon At The Alter Bill & Sharon at the Alter (02OCT2004)

20041002-SharonBillWedding-Dezirae Flower Girl Brandon Ring Bearer Aisle Dezirae & Brandon

Kena, Laurie & Jimmie Kena,Laurie&Jimmie

Raymond & Kena At Bar Raymond & Kena

Cathy,Harry & Sharon Harry, Mom, Sharon & Cathy

20041002-SharonBillWedding-Autumn & Harry5 Autumn & Harry5

20041003-Scout Johana Dezirae Digging for Bones Scout, Johana & Dezirae Digging for Bones

20040913-Harry5 in Blue Glasses Harry5 (13SEP2004)

20040825-Dezirae First Day Of School Dezirae 1st Day Of 3rd Grade (25AUG2004)

20040814-Eureka-Autumn Leina Dezirae Eddie Autumn,Leina,Dezirae,Eddie in Eureka (14AUG2004)

20040812-Danville-RaymondHarry5-1968MustangCobra(lo) Raymond,Harry5 & 1968 Mustang Cobra

20040715-DanvilleCars-Harry5-70CudaHemi Harry5 & 70 Cuda Hemi

Harry5 Doing the Monkey DanceMonkey Dance!!!

Sharon & Harry with iPod & 2.4GHz 802.11 compatable waredriving antenna from BillyHarry & Sharon's birthday

Pismo Beach / Oceano Dunes camping (2004APR03)

Dezirae, Punkee, Harry4 & Harry5 On the Dunes

Harry5 & Punkee with Pismo in the background

Sharon & Bill at Dusk

Dad, Harry5 & Dezirae on 400cc ATV  on the beach

Brandon on 125cc ATV

Autumn polishing off dessertAutumn munching dessert

Scout, Dezirae, Harry4< Harry5 and our veggie gardenOur Garden !!!

Juliana's 40th

Julie, Steve, Harry5 & Harry4

Jimmy chillin on the couch

South Lake Tahoe trip (2004MAR06)

Harry4, Punkee, Dezirae, Kena, Harry5 and our snowman

Dezirae takes on an icicle

Harry, Harry & HarryHarry, Harry & Harry

ZoomZoom tucked inZoomer

Harry5 addressing the mushroom kingdom

Ghi's rooster, Deizrae & Harry5On Ghilaine's farm

Rose's unnatural crossfeeding wild animalsRose's wildlife

Rose & RaymondRose -n- Raymond

Trip To Squaw (10JAN2004)
(Dezirae's 1st time skiing)

Daddy & Dezirae On The Slopes (20040110)

Waiting at base camp

Tawni, Zach, Dezirae (with snow) & Jimmy Tawni,Zach,Dezirae,Jimmy

click for Video of Dezirae skiing!!!