2003 Family Photos

Deziraes Birthday Party, Dezirae, Sharon & Harry5Dezirae,Auntie Shae, Harry5 Harry5 Dressed In His Halloween Firetruck costumeHappiest As A Firetruck Harry5 with all his hot wheels hes maticulouslylined upCal Coothington sez the 2004 models are in and have to liquidate! (09OCT2003)

Autumns Birthday-Raymond, Rose & HarryRaymond, Rose & Harry

Harry5's first day of pre-school1st Day of PreSchool (30SEP2003)

Our New Kitty.... ZoomZoom

Zoom Zoom in Action Zoom Zoom in Action

Dezirae Off To 2nd Grade1st Day of 2nd Grade (27AUG03)

Hector Raymond Harry5 & DeziraeThe Kids (full house)

Vacation in San Diego (07/29-08/03)

SanDiego-SeaWorld-DezKenaHarry5CathyHarry4RidingShamu (31JUL2003) At SeaWorld

SanDiego-WildAnimalPark-HarryDezHarry5KenaPose (01AUG2003) At Wild Animal Park

Dezirae, Ghi & puppies (20030702) Dezirae, Ghi & puppies (02JUL2003)

Kena, Harry5, Dezirae(crying), Rose(CraZyHair), Leina & Autumn (20030620) Sea Ranch (20JUN2003)

Camping at Lake Englebright

Dezirae & Harry chillin at the campsite#1 Campers

Harry 5.0 has been upgraded to 5.1 since peeing in the potty!

Harry5 PeePees In The Potty (20030514)

Harry5, Dezirae & Yohana under the rainbow (20030505) Harry5,Dezirae,Yohana & Rainbow (05MAY2003)

Grandma Barbie & Harry5 (20030503) Grandma Barbie & Harry5 (03MAY2003)

Harry5 and Auntie Faye (20030503) Harry5 & Auntie Faye (03MAY2003)

Kena & TempletonKena & Templeton

GodDaughter Autumn (20030301)Little Autumn (Mar2003)

White Castle on Long Island (20030315) Harry @White Castle (15MAR2003)

Harry & Cousin Patty on Ellis Island, Manhattan skyline  (20030314)

Harry & Cousin Patty on Ellis Island, Manhattan skyline (14MAR2003)

on a cruise in Baja, Cathy & Harry3 With Beer (20030220)

Cathy & Pops enjoyng Baja (20FEB2003)

Dezirae and Harry5 Throwing Snow in Yosemite (20030222) In Yosemite (22FEB2003)

Kena and Eddie in high school (~1981) Eddie being goofy wid sista Kena (13APR2003)

Which one, of this brother & sister pair, went to charm school after high school and which DIDN'T ?!?!?

Harry5 (20030415) lil' Raymond (19860501?)

----- lilRaymond ---> <--- lilHarry -----

5.0s First Haircut (at Prawnee's)

Harry5 Harry5

Harry5 first haircut (20030303) (03MAR2003) Dezirae getting cleaned up too (20030303)

Harry5 first haircut sideview (20030303)