Our Family's 2002 Pictures

The Whole Gang (20021220) All of Us (20DEC2002)

Kena and Dezirae before the Nutcracker (20021218) Off to the Nutcracker (18DEC2002)

Kena and her Civic (20021212) Kena & her Civic (12DEC2002)

Raymond & HarryRaidersGameFace (20021117) Going to the Raiders Game (17NOV2002)

Dezirae On Harry5 In Basket (20021114) Harry5 On Dezirae In Basket (20021114) (14NOV2002)

Halloween Time

Dezirae the Princess, Johana the Raccoon (20021030) Dezirae & Johana (30OCT2002)

Dezirae In Bat Suit (20021030) Class Bat Suit (30OCT2002)

Dezirae In Angel Outfit (20021030) Angel (30OCT2002)

Harry5 in Witch Hat, Dezirae with her Dragon (20021023) Harry5 & Dezirae (23OCT2002)

Dezirae's 7th Birthday

Dezirae In Front of Her Birthday Banner with Balloons (20021029) (29OCT2002)

Dezirae,Raymond & Harry5 (20021011) The Kids (11OCT2002)

Dezirae Pose In A Pumpkin (20021010) Halloween's Coming... (10OCT2002)

Back To School Time

Dorm Room Raymond and Harry5 (20020829) Raymond's Dorm at CSUS

Heading Off To School (20020827) First Grade !! Bo Johana Scout and Dezirae (20020827)

Danville Hot August Nights-Harry5 touching Porsche (20020808) Must Touch ! (08AUG2002)

Oakland FairytaleLand Harry5,Dezirae & Scout in Little Pigs Straw house (20020805) FairytaleLand (05AUG2002)

The Amazing FlexO-TwistO-Meshie-Hat-Vase-Thingy

Snipers Uncle Butch & Harry disguised as Afghans peasants Raymond in the FlexOTwistOMeshHatVaseThingy

Dezirae & 5.0 getting chomped by a big ol shark (20020619) Marineworld (19JUN2002)

Las Lomas Senior Ball 2002 (18MAY2002)

Laura & Raymond (20020518) Laura & Raymond Brian, Raymond, Hector & DanielBV (20020518) Brian,Raymond,Hector&Daniel

All The Couples (20020518)

TheBoys (20020518) TheGirls (20020518)

HI !!  (20020421) HI!

Easter Bunny & Dezirae & Frogila  (20020315) Happy Easter

A Trip To The Snow (24MAR2002)

Echo Summit SnoPark Dezirae & Big Snowman (20020324) Dezirae & friend

Echo Summit SnoPark - Dezirae & Harry5 Just Having Fun (20020324) YODELA HE WHOOOOO

Echo Summit SnoPark - Punkee (20020324) Rescue Dog

Dezirae, Bridget & Punkee In Grassy Field (20020315) Dezirae,Bridget & Punkee (15MAR2002)

Harry5 Driving The Cheby Van (20020315) Behind The Wheel (15MAR2002)

Harry5 On The Computer (20020314) Surfing (15MAR2002)