Our Family's 2001 Pictures

DJHarry5.0 (2001MAY10)DJ Harry5.0 (10MAY2001)

Acalanes Pool-Dezirae Under Mushroom (2001MAY10) Dezirae cooling off (10MAY2001)

Raymond's Junior Prom

Daniel, Marina, Raymond & Laura (2001APR21) Daniel,Marina,Raymond&Laura Raymond & Laura (2001APR21) Raymond & Laura

Raymond & Daniel in Disco Shades (2001APR21) Raymond & Daniel

Raymonds Crunched Mustang (2001APR04) Poor Lil'Mustang (04APR2001)

Dezirae & Punkee On Dirt Hill (2001APR03) Kings of the Dirt Hill (03APR2001)

Harry5 In Chair (2001APR02) Harry5 (02APR2001)

Easter Pictures

RaymDezHarry5Pose (2001MAR29) RaymondPose (2001MAR29)

DezCarrotPose (2001MAR29) Harry5Pose (2001MAR29)

Tilden Park - Dezirae Eating Snow (20010212) Tilden Park - Dezirae in the snow (20010212) Snow in the Berkeley Hills (12FEB2001)

Exercising the ol' tongue (2000FEB14) Tongue Stretch

Josh, Brian & Raymond ready the the 70s Dance (20010210) Josh,Brian&Raymond 70sDance (10FEB2001)

Dezirae & Daisy the Hamster (20010210) Daisy the Hamster (10FEB2001)

Sharon,Harry5,Dezirae & Barbie (20010208) Sharon,Harry5,Dezirae & GrandmaBarbie (08FEB2001)

Dezirae on her Swing (20010205) Swingin' (05FEB2001)

Ahhhhhhhhhh (20010204) DressedUp (04FEB2001)

Harry4 & Harry5 (20010204) Harry-n-Harry (20010204)

Raymond in Tiera (20010204) The Prince (04FEB2001)

Dezirae,Punkee,Romeo in Bath (20010201) The Bath (01FEB2001)

Dezirae the Card Shark (20010114) Card Shark (14JAN2001)