Our Family's 2000 Pictures

OCT - NOV 2000

lil Harry Smiling (20001107) DJ-HR5 daSkratchPickle (07NOV2000)

Harry5 Crying & Harry (20001105) Harry n Harry (05NOV2000)

Kena & Pam @La Fogata (20001104) Kena & Pam

HalloweenDeziraeKitty (20001031) Meowwwwwww!

Dezirae & BirthDay Cake (20001029) Dezirae has her cake (29OCT2000)

Brian, Robbie & Hector Cornering in the Durango (20001029) What happens behind Raymond when driving

Halloween Andrew, Kena, Dezirae, Pam & Brandon (20001028) Christina, Squaw, Kitty, Puppy & Brittany (28OCT2000)

Dezirae, Arial & Melody in the Bathtub (20001027)Dezirae forced to take a picture (27OCT2000)